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As an in-house legal practitioner for more than ten (10) years in different organs of state, Adv Nzuzo has extensive experience in drafting and interpretation of legislation. These include Acts of Parliament together with accompanying regulations, Bylaws for Municipalities, policies and other legal instruments
Legal opinion refers to written legal advices on points of law (often referred to as "counsel's opinion"). This is where the legal dispute between litigants may be evident and this is the crucial point/time to consider inputs from or involving your legal representative. Damage control sometimes does not help. Getting an opinion before taking a decision can be very helpful to save you costs of litigation and  embarrassment. Adv Nzuzo offers professional and well researched legal opinion.
Legislative Drafting
Legal Opinion & Advices
It is well known fact that Labour Litigation and Dispute Resolution is a complex  litigious area of law. Litigants in this area will require the services of a legal practitioner full of energy and new ideas. Adv Nzuzo has what it takes to excel in this area. His has vast experience in dealing with disputes arising out of employer employee kind of relationship and guarantees splendid legal support in this field.
Labour Litigation