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Being charged with a criminal offence is not only a serious matter but also carries with it a possible incarceration, criminal fines, and/or public stigma,  the need for good advocate is undisputed. Adv Nzuzo offers legal representation in all criminal matters in all courts of the land
Criminal Litigation
Civil litigation is very challenging and diverse. And since it is an adversarial process, litigants assume an oppositional position and embrace conflict and controversy hence a very good Advocate has to do the job and Adv Nzuzo is exceptionally good  at this.
Adv Nzuzo offers professional legal representation in all business or commercial  litigation. He has extensive experience in advising corporate organisations especially public entities and that experience may be very useful in protecting the business interests in any business transaction. These include debt collection,  sequestration, foreclosures, supply chain processes, banking law, and other business transactions.
Corporate or Commercial Litigation
Civil Litigation